Zeal Systems Automation


Electronic Shelf Labeling​

Tired of manually changing price tags whenever prices fluctuate? Our electronic shelf label system takes the hassle out of pricing.

With real-time price updates sent wirelessly from a central server to individual shelf labels, you can ensure your shelves always display accurate pricing.

Thin & durable

Hassle-free installation with thin and adhesive characteristics, means product longevity 

Flexible & Reliable

Adhere to pricing fluctuation & robust central server, means real-time pricing storewide

Convenient & Intuitive​​

Intuitive central software with wireless connection, means quicker and simpler labeling


Automated pricing & labeling update, means lower labor cost & more time saved

  • 2.13” Screen
  • 2.9” Screen
  • 4.2” Screen
  • 7.5” Screen
  • AP Extender
  • Signal Extender

2.13” Screen size

2.9” Screen size

4.2” Screen

7.5” Screen size

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